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AC Services Company or better known as American Comfort Services Company has been in the business for 22 years and has finally decided to take that next step and venture out on its own. Over that 22-year time frame, he has met many different people and heard things they like and things about companies they wish they could change. Well, we can't change other companies, but he sure took that advice and try his best to apply it today in how he runs his business.

The most important thing about every company is its customers. Because without them they would be no company at all. I take pride in all the work I do.

A customer's home is the most expensive purchase, they will ever make so they want to be comfortable in that home as they spend time in it with family. It's my job to give them a fair and reasonable price in doing so and not take advantage of the price they would pay for the comfort in their home because, at the end of each day, they want to go home for comfort and peace. So if they come home to a broken a/c or heater they are already not comfortable so I want to make the next steps in action as peaceful as possible and hopefully, when we leave their home, they are at least comfortable with the service we provided and peaceful knowing it was done to the best of our ability.

They will know this because we will walk them through each step done with pictures or videos and try our best to explain everything in detail about what went wrong and why. My team and I will also give options and let them have enough information that they feel they came up with an informed decision. Because all a customer really wants is to feel they can rely on honesty and pay a good price for service.

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