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American Comfort Services goes over why Preventative Maintenance is important but also many answers to questions that go through our customer's minds when they are put in a situation where they might need to call us or make an appointment.

Its best to have a license contractor do what they call a load calculation on your home or floor in which you are installing a system. A lot of factors come into play when it comes to how much heat your house gains (a/c) or how much your homes heat is lost (heat). Not only is square footage used but how many windows you have and the type of veneer whether it is brick or siding, on a crawl or slab.

A lot of people are under the impression if they put a bigger unit in their home it will cool better or faster. That isn’t how it works at all. The system pulls out the heat and humidity as its cooling the home down which is why it is very important to have a license contractor do a proper load calculation and it is also required to have by North Carolina Code.

Preventive maintenance is an essential service not only because priority service and discounts on repairs, but it also ensures that your system runs efficiently and does not break down on those days you need it most. An HVAC professional will provide necessary oversight and makes repairs during your annual maintenance call after checking various parts of the equipment like:

  • Motors Gas Pressure
  • Condensation Drains
  • Refrigerant Pressures
  • Compressors
  • Capacitors
  • Clean Coils to Remove Build Up

Now that we have an overview of what HVAC professionals look at during a preventative maintenance call, lets a closer look at what exactly a HVAC pro will look at during each scheduled visit during the year that will ensure you that what you are paying for is worth it.

Prevents Emergency Repairs

As your system runs through those long summers and winters it can put wear and tear on certain items that are essential to keeping the unit running. During these preventive maintenance checks your technician can make sure that your system is ready for the season ahead.

Diagnoses of Electrical Problems

At your scheduled maintenance appointment, the technician will check all of the electrical to make sure that nothing is burnt or loose. A simple loose connection can cause burnt wires that can become broken over time and cause unexpected error. This could cause you to suffer on those hot or cold days while you wait on someone to check it and it could even lead towards more expensive damages. The preventative maintenance will also allow the technician to check voltage and amps going to motors and other components to make sure that nothing is close to failure.

Keeping Equipment Under Warranty

Most manufacturers guarantee their equipment for 5 to 10 years after purchase. However, they often require proof of an annual maintenance visit when you submit the claim. If you fail to make the appropriate appointments needed, you may forfeit the benefits of your warranty.

Extends System Life

Routine maintenance keeps your system running at its best. Most equipment is made to last only a decade. Regular maintenance can extend that period and give you extra seasons of comfort. This helps you get the most return on your initial investment. The longer your unit last. the lower the cost over time.

Keeping Your Home Safe

A system not running correctly especially a furnace can have some very dangerous side effects. Having a HVAC professional that has the correct tools and meters for the job can go a long way to keep your furnace safe. Not only for keeping the burners clean but to also checking your gas pressure that is running through your furnace. With dirty burners and low or high gas pressures can affect the heat exchanger in many ways causing it to experience very bad problems that can result in expensive repairs or replacement of the furnace. If your heat exchanger experiences leaks or cracks this can lead your home to have build up of carbon monoxide and this is a poisonous gas can and breathing it in could have harmful outcomes.

So I would Say Get Your Preventive Maintenance Done Today! Your Home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life, and your system keeps you and your family comfortable and during each season. Now is the time to schedule a preventive maintenance. Not only does it allow you to save on repairs we are also helping our Maintenance Customers save on New System Purchases as well!! Helps everyone enjoy the full benefits of having a Maintenace Contract not just ones needing repairs because we realize each situation is not the same. You can Book a Call right here on our website or even give us a call if you have further questions.

Prices start at 198$ for one system and an additional 159$ each system you have. We can set it up for a onetime payment or even do monthly payments for as little as only $16.50 a month and with 2 systems $29.75 Monthly payments may help by not feeling such an impact on your expenses especially in today’s inflationary times while also getting the service your system needs.

Well most units today last about 10 to 12 years so around that time it is past its life expectancy. Another indicator would be when repairs begin to pill up or energy cost begin to rise because it is straining to do its job, but that also means that there is something going on with the unit internally and probably best to get a license contractor to come and assess the problem.

Also, the rule of thumb is take the repair cost and multiply it by the age of system and if it exceeds 5,000 then it means its time to get a free estimate on the system and let someone go over options with you on the purchase of a new system and the benefits of efficiency and warranties. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, simply upgrading your heating and cooling unit can greatly reduce your monthly utility bills by 20-40%.

The first thing homeowners or customers may think when having to call a Heating and Cooling Professional is what is this going to cost me? Not only do we try our best to give customers options and explain how each option will benefit them and let them pick what they maybe can afford at that time. With knowing they can call back in and schedule another appointment to take care of other options later.

That being said maybe they have a leak and don’t chose to repair the leak and only add back in the refrigerant and then decide at a later date to repair the leak. Each situation is different, but there are always options, and we will inform them on what we think is best, but the customer still has their option or say in what they want done at that time. We also have financing options if a customer wants to go that route. So pricing is worked out in many different ways based on the customers final decision and what works best for them so no need to dread calling us if you have a problem, we will make it easy for you.

There could be many reasons why your crawl space is damp or wet it would be best to have a Professional take a look. It all depends on many variables but mostly come down to Humidity. if it came down to just to much humidity being trapped under your home, I would suggest something as simple as a whole house AprilAire Dehumidifier and sealing up your vents. If it was something a little more serious then I would suggest encapsulating your crawl space completely. Both would lower energy cost and help your A/C System not have to work so hard.

But to answer the second part of that question, yes over time dampness and water under your crawl space could lead to more serious problems. Dark Damp places are growth and molds favorite places to hide and most of the time goes unnoticed until it can be a bigger problem than it needed to be. So, if you have noticed this happening to your home feel free to give us a call for us to access the situation and see what options would work best for you with a free quote.

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